Keen Dist is a 100% skater-owned apparel & hardware distributor.

Founded in the UK in 2011, we carry over a decade of industry experience. Our expansion into US and EU based operations allows us to apply this knowledge to retailers and brands globally.

We love working closely with brands and stores to support skateboarding on a scene level, but also pride ourselves on the individual relationships we continue to build every day. This dedication to the skate industry informs a marketing strategy built on an intimate knowledge of the brands we carry, alongside the retailers, with a focus to provide continuous and current content across all our social media channels.




Since the very beginning, our drive has been to unite the brands we believe in and provide a platform for their products in a marketplace they deserve.

Ultimately we want to encourage the growth of skateboarding by supporting independant businesses and giving back to this unique community whenever we can.



  • Weekly air cargo shipments between the US & UK/EU, allowing for longer sales windows for stores and increasing marketing activity, as launches coincide with pushes from the US brands.
  • Our sales team have regular contact with accounts and provide them with ecommerce asset packs, look-books, social media images & banners.
  • Detailed sales reports and feedback for our brands, by territory, on all drops and seasons helps in building brands and delivering what our accounts need.
  • All territories offer multiple sales & marketing strategies, tailored to suit the need of each individual brand and region.  

  • Fully automated back end system to streamline product details, warehouse picking, packing and operations. This removes any unnecessary procedures and eliminates errors.
  • Our team takes a huge amount of pride in efficiency and order turn around times, from the moment the order is placed, to its prompt arrival at the store.
  • Capacity for 3PL/D2C to ship worldwide if required.



  • At Keen, we're incredibly proud of the passionate teams we have built in each of our locations; demonstrating a true enthusiasm for the brands we stock, actively engaging in the skateboarding scenes and providing exceptional and personable customer care.
  • As we expand and develop, each location offers new opportunities and perspectives. More so than ever, we can begin to connect and align brand launches across the territories we work with.


Polar Skate Co.

Hailing from Malmo, Sweden, Polar is the brainchild of Pontus Alv. Going from strength to strength since it’s 2010 launch, Polar encompasses a premium quality apparel line alongside hardgoods, under the passionate guidance of Alv himself.

Last Resort AB

Shoes made by and for skateboarders around the world. Last Resort pride themselves on not having had any corporate backing: no one telling them what to do. Extensive testing and development goes into creating their highly functional shoes for skateboarding without compromising style, resulting in resilient footwear filled with hidden functionality and a bold simplicity and style on and off the board.

Frog Skateboards

With fun at the centre of this light-hearted skate brand headed up by Chris Milic, Frog combines joyously simplistic graphics with an eye for creativity, producing eye-catching shaped boards alongside their regular decks and soft goods.

Skateboard Cafe

Hailing from Bristol, UK, Cafe’s visual identity grows stronger with every year, with the British board brand approaching their 10th anniversary in 2022. Drawing inspiration from jazz, pop culture and a curated portfolio of illustration styles, Cafe is amongst the most flavoursome of UK board brands, with premium apparel alongside hardgoods.

Jessup Griptape

Jessup was the first to bring silicon carbide griptape to the skateboard industry, and have been making the best grip since 1975. Jessup is the original griptape, and the grip of choice for millions of skaters worldwide. In addition to their classic grip, they also boast an even tougher ULTRAGRIP, alongside various colours and clear grip.


Dancer pride themselves on designing products that are built to last, drawing inspiration from the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Their understated apparel and striking visual style are the result of the creative cooperation of Hjalte Halberg, Anton Juul and Kevin Walter.